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ELVIS ONE presents ‘Summer ’61’. This album is a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the June and July 1961 sessions at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee. Including masters and outtakes from the ‘Follow That Dream’ soundtrack, the ‘Pot Luck with Elvis’ album, and the double-sided hit single ‘(Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame’ backed with ‘Little Sister’. In only 3 days (June 25 / 26 and July 2) Elvis recorded 11 songs with great succes in the charts. Besides ‘His Latest Flame’ three more songs were released on single… Including many alternate takes in great sound that are still unreleased by Elvis’ record company and 5 Mono single masters!
This is a limited special edition with artwork from the Japanese ‘Follow That Dream’ movie poster. Enjoy this celebration – Enjoy the Summer of ’61.
01. Little Sister
02. Kiss Me Quick (alternate take 2)
03. (Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame (alternate take 3)
04. I’m Yours (stereo single master)
05. I’m Yours (take 3 + work part 1 – ending, take 1 & 2)
06. Kiss Me Quick (alternate take 3)
07. That’s Someone You Never Forget
08. Little Sister (alternate take 6)
09. (Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame (alternate take 7 & 9)
10. (Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame (alternate take 6)
11. A Whistling Tune (alternate take 1)
12. Angel (EP mono master)
13. Sound Advice (alternate takes 2-5)
14. I’m Not The Marrying Kind (alternate take 1 & 5)
15. Follow That Dream (alternate take 5)
16. Follow That Dream (EP mono master)
17. What A Wonderful Life (EP mono master)
18. I’m Not The Marrying Kind (alternate take 7)
19. I’m Not The Marrying Kind (EP mono master)
20. Little Sister (alternate take 10 & 11)
21. Kiss Me Quick (alternate take 5 & 6)
22. Kiss Me Quick (alternate take 7)
23. Kiss Me Quick (alternate take 8 & 9)
24. Kiss Me Quick (alternate take 10)
25. Kiss Me Quick (alternate take 11)
26. That’s Someone You Never Forget (alternate take 2, 3, 4 & 6)

Elvis: Summer Of ’56’ DVD Re-Release: According to Elvis Club Berlin the old DVD of Elvis’ adventures with June Juanico ‘Elvis: Summer Of ’56’  is going to be re-released. Do we presume, the 65th Anniversary version?
“Years before he meets Priscilla, 21-year-old Elvis Presley is in love with a small-town girl, June Juanico, from Biloxi, Mississippi. Elvis had picked June out of the crowd at one of his concerts. After a chance meeting a year later, they started dating in May 1956. “Heartbreak Hotel,” Elvis’ first national #1 hit is peaking at the top of the charts. He is yet to film his first Hollywood movie, and the legendary appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show are still months away. Most people, in fact, outside of a growing number of American teenagers, do not know the name Elvis Presley. 

The truly special summer of 1956 produced Elvis’ first great romance, but also the end of his personal freedom. It’s the summer that witnessed his astonishing rise to fame… and also the abrupt end of a simple existence to which he could never return. Elvis – Summer of ’56 contains the earliest home movie footage of Elvis, and captures a rare day-in-the-life glimpse of the 21-year-old future King. “

Elvis On Tour’ VINYL Import:  The Golden Globe Records label presents: Elvis On Tour- April 9, 1972 Hampton Roads, Virginia
The publicity states… Golden Globe Records presents their first deluxe 2LP set containing the wonderful Hampton Roads show. In total 4 shows were recorded for the Golden Globe winning motion picture “Elvis On Tour”.
The Hampton Roads show is the first show that was recorded for the award winning documentary and is also the first one issued in this Elvis On Tour Series.
This is the very first proper high quality outing of this show on vinyl.
Presented in a beautiful deluxe gatefold cover containing 2 high quality 180 grams coloured vinyl albums.
A CD version is also added to this package.
This very limited edition is available in RED or BLUE vinyl.

The Classic Bootleg Collection Volume 3′: The publicity states… A sublime 6 CD box set with 6 classic Elvis Presley bootleg albums. Again, there is chosen for some  60’s and 70’s instead of focusing on one time period. This way all will be served!
Just like on The Classic Bootleg Collection Volume 1 & 2 there are some true gems (or rough cut diamonds) to be found on this set! For example the Rough Cut Diamonds Lp contained some unique mixes very different to the later released versions. And the “Kickin’ Back!” LP contained a spliced version of the Promised Land rehearsal, which resulted in an “alternate” ending. The Amiga LP “That’s The  Way It Is” & the “Play It Hot Album” do not need any introduction as these are probably some of the first bootleg LP’s in most Elvis collections.
6 Classic Elvis Bootleg Albums

‘The Something For Everybody Sessions’ Deluxe FTD Review:Released Released back in November 202, ‘The Something For Everybody Sessions’ (ft ‘The Wild In The Country Sessions’) was another in FTD’s “complete sessions” releases. An 8 inch deluxe 4-CD package featuring a 28-page booklet with an insightful essay, record and movie data, memorabilia and rare photos. It includes remixed and remastered unreleased studio outtakes – all the RCA session takes from Elvis’ RCA November 7 / 8, 1960 and March 12 / 13, 1961 recording sessions.
On close investigation we discover various Elvis comments that had been previously edited out such as, “I’m gonna’ get this son-of-a-bitch” on ‘Give Me The Right’ – while the frustration of the repetitive ‘Wild In The Country Sessions’ also becomes obvious. 

But it there really enough previously unreleased material to makes this session worth purchasing all over again?
Go here as EIN’s Piers Beagley checks out this new Deluxe set and discovers some hidden delights for session collectors….
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Elvis The Dream Project’ New Vinyl: From the Victrola label their publicity notes.. A fresh new project in the completely upgraded sound! All songs have been restored, remixed into stereo and we bet you will love the result!
Ann Nixon, who is a very famous Elvis fan, said it all: “Seeing and hearing Elvis live is a happening in itself. No gramophone record can reflect the sound of Elvis’ voice as he sounded in the real life. The dynamic range and the power that came with his voice were never captured like people really experienced it live.”
(Note; ‘Anne Nixon’ was the spelling of her name – see EIN interview here)
With this project we want to try to show you how it was to experience the real Elvis live in Las Vegas as had you been there in person. Our dream was to restore this unique collection of live songs that Elvis performed during his Vegas years to their fullest glory. In this project we used the 1970 “On Stage” album as a template and we dreamt of what an original Elvis album would have looked like in the mid 70s. It was clearly noticeable throughout this project is how well Elvis really did sing on stage, and how immaculate the arrangements of the songs were.
Our release is planned for May 2021. 

MRS ‘Elvis – The First Engagements 1969-70’  new 3-CD Set: The MRS label will release a 3CD Deluxe set titled ‘Las Vegas International Presents Elvis – The First Engagements 1969-70’  on 7th May 2021.
This three CD set contains a selection of captivating performances drawn from Elvis’ first two engagements at the Las Vegas International in August 1969 and January thru February 1970.
For the first time ever, these soundboard recordings (formerly in mono) have been remastered, carefully restored, and remixed to true stereo with outstanding expertise using the most sophisticated technologies to achieve the best possible sound.
This technology is not available to the major record label industries and the tracks have NOT been electronically processed and nothing has been added to make these tracks to true stereo.
The accompanying 40-page booklet includes rare photographs and memorabilia taken during these engagements along with introductory notes.
A sample sound showing “true stereo” from the 3 shows can be downloaded CLICK HERE

“Elvis In Concert 77, My name is Wayne Newton” BluRay: The publicity notes.. The independent label Planitis-Entertainment announces the release of the blu-ray “Elvis In Concert 77, My name is Wayne Newton”. The creators of this blu-ray have collected all the images, interviews with Vernon (in 1977), all the live songs from June 19 and 21 from Omaha, NB, and Rapid City, SD, all the intros as well as the entirety of the presentation of the group of musicians by Elvis in one show, in one unique show. 

A lot of remastering work from various non-copyrighted original (CBS) tapes was done frame by frame with DX Technique™ and for the first time the sound was reworked in Dolby Digital True HD. All regions, 26 live songs, play time 140 minutes.

EIN note.. The ‘In Concert’ footage was recorded in 1977 on old U-matic videotape. The format is well below BluRay quality and would not even be DVD quality. The cover design hardly indicates a quality product. Buyer Beware, please check video quality before purchase.

Go here to ‘All The CD Release News 2021’ for full tracklist

Our friends at Elvis Day By Day point out that this ‘bluray’ was released back in 2019 – why it has re-surfaced as recent news EIN is not sure. Perhaps the manufacturers want to flog left-over copies. 


ELVIS Lottery Licensing Rights: The gaming company IGT has signed a multi-year agreement with Authentic Brands Group to develop and distribute Elvis-themed lottery games throughout the United States and Canada.
In addition to compelling instant tickets, innovative draw-based games, and engaging mobile and interactive games, IGT will develop turnkey second-chance promotions and exciting comprehensive experiences for lottery customers and their players.
ABG is the owner of the Elvis Presley brand.
“Elvis Presley is one of the most influential pop culture icons of the 20th century, and IGT is excited offer Elvis games to our customers and their players,” said Jay Gendron, IGT COO. “We are committed to bringing a robust, multi-channel and multi-jurisdictional program to the lottery community by extending this brand across all available platforms and territories.”
ABG added, “We’re very pleased to be partnering with IGT to create fun games for Elvis fans and lottery players alike. Elvis has a special way of continuing to delight fans and we’re excited to see how people react to this engaging and interactive format.”
Elvis’ legacy is stronger than ever in the 65 years since his global debut. With more than 15 million fans across social media and growing, the “King of Rock ‘N’ Roll” continues to inspire today’s most influential musicians, designers, entertainers, and social influencers and captivate audiences around the world.
(News, Source;PR/ElvisInfoNet)

‘Christmas with Elvis’ New Book: To be published in November a new book from author Robert K. Elder ‘Christmas with Elvis: The Official Guide to the Holidays from the King of Rock ’n’ Roll’.
Why not, Celebrate Christmas with the King of Rock n’ Roll!
For Elvis, Christmas at Graceland was a time for family and friends, a respite from the road and the recording studio. It was a time to sing gospel songs around the piano and give out extravagant gifts.
In this spirit, Christmas with Elvis is designed like a Christmas party Elvis himself would have liked. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the iconic music and songs Elvis sang and recorded for his bestselling holiday albums, alongside favorite stories, trivia, and Yuletide cocktails and munchies—all wrapped up with a merry Christmas twist fit for the King of Rock ’n’ Roll. Fully illustrated with color photographs and illustrations throughout.
An EPE authorized book, it features vintage photos from the Graceland archives, will be out in November 2021 from Running Press / Hachette.
Hardcover: 144 pages. ISBN-10 : 0762469765

‘Sold Out 2’ New DVD: Volume 2 of the “Rex Martin” film collection is out now.
The publicity notes… Pyramid strikes again! Remarkable 8mm footage, restored with care, truly bringing into focus again what a sensational and charismatic performer Elvis really was, even in his final years. It was a surprise to many to see such spectacular footage from concerts that were presumed lost to time.
Now Volume 2 is out, with even more surprises. Almost three hours of Elvis in his prime in Las Vegas from 1970 to 1973, all presented as it was originally recorded.
The Rex Martin footage and more. Carefully restored using the latest technology, but without compromising the integrity of the original footage. We also used a few silent clips this time.
Join us for a unique journey back in time, celebrating Elvis’ artistic rebirth in Las Vegas. People filming at concerts was still in its infancy, and of course there was always the risk of getting caught, and much of the film presented here reflect those realities. But this footage also captures a special moment in time when Elvis was on top of his game, and singing with real fire in his belly. He was clearly excited about performing live again, and his live shows were dynamic.
Decent footage from the early engagements is rarer than a hen’s teeth, so this is a real treat. A lot of effort was made to present this footage in the best way possible. Another quality release for fans.
And the good news is, Volume 3 is almost ready, with some truly spectacular close-up footage from the concert years.
You’re in for a surprise, so stay tuned!

Elvis Presley: Love Me Tender’ New Book: Yet another new book promising “Packed with rare photographs and stunning on-the-page facsimile memorabilia, this book provides an insight into the unique journey of one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century – Elvis Presley.”
This time from respected author Michael O’Neill (Joni Mitchell: Lady of the Canyon) and Carolyn McHugh.
Follow the incredible story of the man they call the “King of Rock and Roll.” Elvis Presley’s life and career are shown, from his carefree beginnings at Sun Records in the 1950s to global superstardom. In addition, the book features rare interviews with the legendary Elvis guitarist Scotty Moore, Drummer DJ Fontana, and Elvis’s loyal backing singers the Jordanaires. To bring you even closer to the King the book features a wide variety of superb on-the-page rare memorabilia and documents from the archives, including tour posters, personal letters, publicity material, and fascinating items and tickets from his greatest gigs and best albums.
From Sona Books  – out September 1, 2021

We all know of Elvis Presley as the best-selling solo music artist of all time, but less talked about is his status as one of the biggest movie stars of the 50s and 60s. Well, we’re putting that right. In the latest issue of Vintage Rock Presents we take a look back at the King’s big screen oeuvre, putting a spotlight onto some of the great – and some of the not so great – movies in the Elvis canon.

We dive deep into every film of Elvis’, from 1956’s Love Me Tender through to 1969’s Change Of Habit, while also looking at his two in-concerts movies, That’s The Way It Is and Elvis On Tour. We also look back over 40 years of Elvis biopics and documentaries, remember some of his greatest leading ladies, rate his Top 20 movie songs and talk to his Trouble With Girls co-star Marlyn Mason. Additionally, we feast our eyes on some of Elvis’ most memorable movie outfits and we pay tribute to the master songsmiths behind the King’s big screen tunes. 

This is a must-read for all fans of Elvis Presley. Order your copy today!

This item will be published on the 25th of February 2021 and any pre-orders will be despatched afterwards. For UK orders please allow up to 5 working days, up to 8 working days for European orders and up to 10 working days for international orders.

turn To The Queen City of The South’ New Import CD Set: 
It is not widely known that in 1977, Felton Jarvis planned a release of the great version of “America The Beautiful” and some other tracks from Charlotte 1976 show on a country flavored studio / live compilation album “Welcome To My World.” Three concerts from Charlotte here – including Jarvis’ original old stereo mix and restored it for our release!
For the February 20th, 1977 a different source than FTD has been used. February 21st, 1977 was newly mastered from same tape source as the1995 Fort Baxter CD release “Moody Blue and Other Great Performances.”
As a bonus, you will find a selection of pre-show tracks performed by J. D. Sumner and The Stamps and The Sweet Inspirations in 1976 / 77. Plus bonus tracks taped in February – June 1977, as well, unique mixes of songs like “Steamroller Blues” from Austin, March 28 or “Unchained Melody” from Rapid City, June 21, 1977. 

‘Elvis ’68 Comeback’ Book Re-Publish for 2022:With Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS biopic due to shake up the Elvis marketing world next year, Thunder Bay Press is re-publishing Steve Binder’s ‘Elvis ’68 Comeback’ and this time including a foreword by Baz Luhrmann.
So far announced as 192 page Hardcover out on April 12, 2022. 
Described as.. A full-color chronicle of the 1968 comeback performance that marked Elvis Presley’s return from the screen to the stage. Includes exclusive content from the show’s director, Steve Binder. Take a tour behind the scenes of the NBC television special that relaunched Elvis Presley’s career as a stage musician. Author Steve Binder — who directed the TV special — provides exclusive content that gives fans even more insight to the performance that many see as a high point in the King’s reign of American music. And acclaimed director, writer, and producer Baz Luhrmannprovides the foreword. Elvis ’68 Comeback includes full-color photographs and detailed commentary on the show’s development and production, making this an excellent addition to the shelf of every Elvis fan.
Publisher: Thunder Bay Press (April 12, 2022)
Hardcover: 192 pages. ISBN-10 : 1645176738
(News, Source,ElvisInfoNet)

New Book


Record Store Day 2021

February 15, 2021 | Music

On Record Store Day 2021, June 11th 2021, the French LMLP record label will release the picture disc LP ‘Sings The Mad Professor’ – Elvis’ nickname for Ben Weisman who (co-)wrote 57 songs for Elvis Presley – and the double LP ‘Cafe Europa En Uniforme’ (‘G.I. Blues’) on green and pink cornetto colored vinyl. 

‘ELVIS UK3 – Ultimate CD Guide’ Out Soon: Coming Soon from co-authors John Townson and Gordon Minto the new in-depth book ‘Elvis UK3 The Ultimate Guide to Elvis Presley’s CD Releases 1983-2005’. The 1400 page book (containing over a million words, plus 4,000 plus black and white and colour illustrations), provides the definitive guide to Elvis’s UK compact disc releases and details the development of the medium from the 3 CD set The Legend – the world’s first ever Elvis compact disc in 1983 – in meticulous and unprecedented detail. 
Every single, RCA, BMG, FTD and third party album (all 450 of them!) issued in the UK up to 2005 are written about individually in comprehensive detail, arranged in chronological order, carefully cross-referenced, charting and describing company and industry developments along the way. It has been painstakingly researched, and features many contributions by former RCA / BMG personnel who helped with key background information. 
The book also includes sections on various artist CDs containing Elvis material and company promos, including BMG in-house CDs etc. The huge song index is presented in forensic detail, indicating exactly where each master and outtake can be located and, in the case of live performances, when and where they were recorded.

EIN has glimpsed a few preview pages and found the thorough in-depth research and comprehensive cross-referencing truly fascinating. It is a must for serious collectors! – Release details soon. 

News, Source;UK3

From Memphis to Taipeh’ OUT NOW: The book ‘From Memphis to Taipei – A Reference Guide to the Colorful Magic of Elvis’ Asian Vinyl’by Dick Dekker (‘Bootleg Elvis’ book) and Ferry Van Der Werf is OUT Now. The limited print run is 500 copies worldwide.
It was in the late 1950s that the first Asian records featuring Elvis’ music were released. Hundreds of records followed afterwards many with beautiful covers in different variations and with beautifully coloured vinyl. However no collector’s guide to Elvis’ Asian vinyl has ever been published. There has never even been an information booklet on these Elvis albums. 
So this new book is the very first reference guide to Elvis’ vinyl releases in Asia. This volume examinest the 10″ and 12″ vinyl releases from six major Asian countries: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.
In the book fans can discover where, why and for whom these records were made. And there were plenty of Elvis fans.
The cover images and label designs are presented in large format so you can check the design and often the interesting spelling mistakes.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)



Only 10 tours available on each date; Limited to two tours per purchaser.
Tickets for this event will ONLY AVAILABLE VIA PHONE by calling Graceland  Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322.

In 1976, the Jungle Room at Graceland became a make-shift studio – and Elvis recorded there in February and October of that year. During this exclusive tour experience, step back in time to 1976 with some of the guys who were part of the Jungle Room sessions to hear their stories of what it was like to record with Elvis. Hosted by Tom Brown, special guests include bassist Norbert Putnam, piano player David Briggs, and guitarist James Burton. In addition, as part of the experience, enjoy a rare photo opportunity inside the Jungle Room.


Extremely limited availability; only 10 tours available on each date; Limited to two tours per purchaser.
Tickets for this event will ONLY AVAILABLE VIA PHONE by calling Graceland Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322.

Join Gates of Graceland Host Tom Brown and Graceland’s VP of Archives and Exhibits Angie Marchese, on an exclusive, after-hours in-depth tour of Graceland Mansion. Have you ever wondered what might be inside a drawer or around a corner? This one-of-a-kind experience will give you a glimpse at items you will not see on tour – and will feature a special photo op inside Graceland Mansion.


Tour Options: Select times available FRIDAY, AUGUST 13; SATURDAY, AUGUST 14; SUNDAY, AUGUST 15; TUESDAY, AUGUST 17
Limited availability per tour.
Tour the stables at Graceland! Artifacts on display as part of the Elvis Presley Stable Tour include saddles used by Elvis and his entourage, personal western wear worn by Elvis, checks and documents related to the purchase of some of Elvis’ horses, and home movie footage of Elvis on horseback at Graceland. Please note: tours maybe cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather. 


PLATINUM and GOLD Elvis Week ticket package options are listed below and will sell quickly so attendees are encouraged to purchase packages well in advance. Please note that the packages below do not include tickets to all events, including Elvis tribute artist events. 




Below are ticket packages for our Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and other Elvis tribute artist performances. These are very popular packages and will sell out in advance so fans are encouraged to buy early. Please note that the packages below do not include tickets to all ETA events. 





  • Wednesday, August 11 * Guest House Theater * 2:00 pm
  • Saturday, August 14 * Guest House Theater * 3:00 pm

Wednesday, August 11 * Graceland Soundstage * 7:00 pm


Thursday, August 12 * Soundstage * 2:00 pm


Thursday, August 12 * Graceland Soundstage * 7:00 pm 


Saturday, August 14 * Graceland Soundstage * 7:00 pm

  • Wednesday, August 11 * Guest House Ballroom * 10:00 pm
  • Thursday, August 12 * Guest House Ballroom * 10:00 pm
  • Saturday, August 14 * Guest House Ballroom * 10:00 pm



Wednesday, August 11 * Departs from Guest House * 9:00 AM


Friday, August 13 * Departs from Guest House * 8:30 AM 


Friday, August 13 * Guest House Theater * 2:00 PM


Friday, August 13* Graceland Soundstage * 7:00 PM


Friday, August 13 * Guest House Ballroom * 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM 


Saturday, August 14 * Graceland Soundstage * 10:00 AM


Sunday, August 15 * Guest House Ballroom * 10:00 AM


Sunday, August 15 * Graceland Soundstage * 2:00 PM


Monday, August 16 * Guest House Ballroom * 10:00 AM 


Monday, August 16 * Guest House Theater * 2:00 PM

ELVIS IN CONCERT – $85, $75, $65, $55

Monday, August 16 * Graceland Soundstage * 7:00 PM 


Monday, August 16 * Guest House Ballroom * 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM 


Tuesday, August 17 * Graceland Soundstage * 1:00 PM


Tuesday, August 17 * Guest House Back Lawn * 7:00 PM


The TCB Pass provides an incredible value to help you make the most of your week. With the TCB Pass, you will receive unlimited access to the Elvis Week Music Pavilion, unlimited access to Elvis Presley’s Memphis, plus free parking in Graceland’s Visitor Parking Lot every day after 5pm. One pass covers you for the duration of Elvis Week, August 11-17, 2021.

  • Additional ticketing fees apply and will be charged at checkout.
  • If you need accessible seats, please contact Graceland Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 to purchase your seats. Please note: The number and types of accessible seats vary by event and venue.
  • All guests, times, prices and details are subject to change.
  • Elvis Week tickets are non-refundable. Elvis Week ticket buyers may request to cancel their tickets up to 60 days prior to Elvis Week for a Graceland credit that can be used towards Graceland tours/events through Elvis Week 2022. Cancellation requests within 60 days of Elvis Week will not receive a credit.



PREORDER HERE ! https://www.memphisrecordingservice.com/

MRS will release a 3CD Deluxe titled ‘SUMMER FESTIVAL 1970 – THE REHEARSALS’ on 12th March 2021.

The CD’s contain rehearsal highlights from one of the most memorable periods in Elvis’ career – his captivating performances at The International Hotel Las Vegas in the summer of 1970. These truly historical recordings, remastered and restored capture the raw and early development of songs that were performed weeks later in Las Vegas. The accompanying 40-page booklet includes rare photographs taken at some of these rehearsal sessions.  

As usual MRS has spared NO expense in our remastering techniques. For the first time ever all, the tracks listed have had repairs and restorations having now the same mastering techniques, used on such recent MRS releases such as ‘Made in Germany’ and ‘Such a Night in Pearl Harbor’. A sample sound of this will circulate on forums within days of this announcement.  

The 180g 3LP Gatefold version will be announced soon.

Please note: This is a prequel to a series of releases coming out this year from MRS. In that series will be a totally new and unreleased soundboard from the Summer Festival in 1970. A recording never heard before, stay tuned. 


MGM Sound Stage 1, Culver City, Los Angeles, California

14 July 1970

01. Words

02. Bridge Over Troubled Water

15 July 1970 

03. Stagger Lee

04. Got My Mojo Working

05. I’ve Lost You

06. Stranger in the Crowd (Rehearsal 1)

07. The Next Step is Love

08. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

09. Sweet Caroline

10. Yesterday

11. Ghost Riders in the Sky

12. Runaway

13. Peter Gunn Theme

14. One Night

15. Alla En El Rancho Grande

16. That’s All Right 03:09    Arthur Crudup

17. Twenty Days & Twenty Nights (Rehearsal 1)

18. Twenty Days & Twenty Nights (Rehearsal 2)

19. Patch It Up

20. Cotton Fields

21. Sylvia

22. Stranger in the Crowd (Rehearsal 2)


RCA Studios, Hollywood, California

24 July 1970

01. That’s All Right

02. I Got a Woman

03. The Wonder of You

04. I’ve Lost You

05. The Next Step Is Love

06. Stranger in The Crowd

07. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (Rehearsal 1)

08. Something

09. Don’t Cry Daddy/Don’t Cry Daddy (faster version)

10. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

11. Polk Salad Annie

12. Bridge Over Troubled Water

13. I Can’t Stop Loving You

14. Just Pretend

15. Sweet Caroline

16. Words

17. Suspicious Minds

Bonus Stereo Mix Tracks

18. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (Rehearsal 1)

19. Sweet Caroline


RCA Studios, Hollywood, CA

24 JULY 1970 (continued)

01. I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (1)

02. Tomorrow Never Comes

03. Mary in the Morning

04. Twenty Days & Twenty Nights

05. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (Rehearsal 2)

06. I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (2)

07. Heart of Rome

08. Memories

09. Johnny B. Goode

10. Make the World Go Away

11. Stranger in My Own Hometown

12. I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water

MGM Sound Stage 1, Culver City, CA

JULY 29, 1970

13. Elvis Talking

14. Something

15. (Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such as I

16. Froggy Went A-Courtin’

17. Such A Night

18. It’s Now or Never

19. Hava Nagila

Pre order here!


‘Elvis – Oh, Happy Day’ New Import CD: Paradise Road Records presents ‘Oh, Happy Day’ – Elvis live at the International hotel in Las Vegas. This cd contains a great audience recording from the August 14, 1970 Midnight Show PLUS camera sound recordings from this show (from the MGM tapes).
Elvis is singing great songs like ‘Oh, Happy Day’, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘I Walk The Line’ .. A very remarkable show. Elvis was in a really goofy mood and introduced himself as Johnny Cash. He seemed to be really enjoying this show, despite the cameras and the house lights being up so MGM could film him. He changed the words to the several songs and really had fun messing them up.
This show was first released on ‘The Man In White – Volume 3’ released in 2003. Now -18 year later- all performances have been newly remastered and speed corrected where necessary. And for the first time on cd the camera sound recordings of this show. Including a booklet with information and photos from this great show! PLUS some background information about these recordings.

‘Elvis Presley Sings Flaming Star’ New Import CD: A special edition release from the Elvis One label with 38 tracks from the movie ‘Flaming Star’.
Including ‘Flaming Star’ and ‘Summer Kisses, Winter Tears’ (mono and stereo masters), the unedited master of ‘Flaming Star’, many alternate takes, seven original radio spots from the movie, the acetate recording of the composite master of ‘Black Star’, and more! All tracks in the best possible sound.
This limited edition comes with a 12 pages booklet with photos and recording information.

EIN Note: 38 tracks from only five songs, including 16 versions / takes of ‘Summer Kisses, Winter Tears’!

Go here to ‘ALL THE CD NEWS 2021’ for tracklist & details

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Houston Astrodome Sunday March 03, 1974’ VINYL: A Special Deluxe Combo LP / CD from the “VV” label for the first time in vinyl, of the show of Houston 3th of March 1974 and including the unreleased AUDIENCE recording Tulsa OK, Oral Roberts University March 2, 1974, included as a bonus.
As always the VV attitude is to present Elvis at the peak of his possibility and without a doubt, this double set presents Elvis still at his best. After shedding some extra weight the man is ready to face his first tour of 1974. March 1974 started with two great shows in Tulsa and then departed to Houston for two shows in the Astrodome where Elvis beat his own audience record from 1970. The Houston show it’s a usual one where Elvis faces a large distant adoring crowd without the orchestra.
Here is presented completely remastered for the first time in heavy glorious vinyl.
At the same time, we are glad to include as a bonus CD an unreleased Audience Recording of the previous day in Tulsa. The sound is decent. If you want to live the atmosphere of an Elvis concert in 2021 this is the right tape. We can guarantee that Elvis was greeted with incredible enthusiasm; 
Go to ‘ALL THE CD NEWS 2021’ for tracklist & FULL details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

lvis Presley ─ The World’s Most Photographed’ New Book: More Previews: Coming soon, a new monster project by Erik Lorentzen. Erik squeezed every last drop out of his hard drive, consulted his online comrades and conjures up a beautiful book from his sky-high digital photo collection.
Here you will see more than 400 beautiful publicity photos spread over approximately 400 pages, taken from 1953 to 1977. The best photo material from the greatest and most famous photographers such as: Alfred Wertheimer, William Speer, Sean Shaver, Virgil Apger aso. Elvis up-close and personal.
As usual with Erik, these photos come out best when printed on high-quality glossy paper. An average book by Lorentzen weighs about 3 kilos and measures 25×30 cm. The photos are almost all printed full page, resulting in a beautiful photo book.
From the flyer up below you can see that the photos are not commonplace and that makes this book a valuable copy that you must have in your collection. NOW is the time to create space on your bookshelf for this mammoth photo book. Only the best high-quality photos deserve a place in this book.€115 (US$140) incl shipping – Pre-order at Elvis Files website and see full size sample pages > www.theelvisfiles.com

FTD is pleased to announce the release of “THE HIS HAND IN MINE SESSIONS”. This 8” deluxe 3-CD package features a 28-page booklet with an insightful essay, recording data, memorabilia and rare photos. DISC 1 THE ORIGINAL ALBUM SIDE 1 01 His Hand In Mine 02 I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs 03 In My Father’s House (Are Many Mansions) 04 Milky White Way 05 Known Only To Him 06 I Believe In The Man In The Sky SIDE 2 07 Joshua Fit The Battle 08 He Knows Just What I Need 09 Swing Down Sweet Chariot 10 Mansion Over The Hilltop 11 If We Never Meet Again 12 Working On The Building THE ORIGINAL SINGLES SIDES 13 Crying In The Chapel 14 Surrender DISC 2 THE OCTOBER 1960 SESSIONS 01 Milky White Way (takes 1-3) 02 Milky White Way (takes 4-5) 03 Milky White Way (takes 6-7/M) 04 His Hand In Mine (take 1) 05 His Hand In Mine (takes 2-4) 06 His Hand In Mine (take 5) 07 His Hand In Mine (splice of takes 5 and 4/M) 08 I Believe In The Man In The Sky (take 1) 09 I Believe In The Man In The Sky (takes 2-3) 10 I Believe In The Man In The Sky (take 4/M) 11 He Knows Just What I Need (take 1) 12 He Knows Just What I Need (takes 2-4) 13 He Knows Just What I Need (takes 5-7) 14 He Knows Just What I Need (take 8) 15 He Knows Just What I Need (take 9) 16 He Knows Just What I Need (take 10/M) 17 Surrender (take 1) 18 Surrender (take 2) 19 Surrender (takes 3-4/M) 20 Surrender (takes 5-6) 21 Surrender (take 7) 22 Surrender (takes 8-9) 23 Surrender (work part for take 4, takes 1-7) DISC 3 THE OCTOBER 1960 SESSIONS (Continued) 01 Mansion Over The Hilltop (take 1) 02 Mansion Over The Hilltop (takes 2-3/M) 03 In My Father’s House (Are Many Mansions) (takes 1-6) 04 In My Father’s House (Are Many Mansions) ) (take 7) 05 In My Father’s House (Are Many Mansions) (take 8) 06 In My Father’s House (Are Many Mansions) (work part, take 1) 07 In My Father’s House (Are Many Mansions) (splice of take 8 and work part take 1/M) 08 Joshua Fit The Battle (take 1) 09 Joshua Fit The Battle (take 2) 10 Joshua Fit The Battle (take 3) 11 Joshua Fit The Battle (take 4/M) 12 Swing Down Sweet Chariot (take 1) 13 Swing Down Sweet Chariot (takes 2-3) 14 Swing Down Sweet Chariot (take 4/M) 15 I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (take 1/M) 16 I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (takes 2-3) 17 I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (take 4) 18 I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (take 5) 19 If We Never Meet Again (take 1/M) 20 Known Only To Him (takes 1-2) 21 Known Only To Him (takes 3-4) 22 Known Only To Him (take 5/M) 23 Crying In The Chapel (take 1) 24 Crying In The Chapel (takes 2-3/M) 25 Working On The Building (take 1) 26 Working On The Building (take 2) 27 Working On The Building (takes 3-4) 28 Working On The (take 5/M)

(For this new release there’s only like 1 – 2 new takes included. )

‘Don’t Be Cruel: The Story of Bill Black’ New Book for 2020: News update that Danish super-fan Henrik Knudsen is working on a new book about Elvis’ first ‘Blue Moon Boys’ bassist Bill Black. After quitting Elvis’ band in 1957 he had a successful solo-career with The Bill Black Combo. The working title for this project is ‘Don’t Be Cruel – The Story of Bill Black’. Bill Black’s brother, Johnny Black, is contributing to the project, which will be published by the Memphis Mansion label.
More news when we have it, a release date has not been decided.

Elvis On Stage in RED VINYL To be released 3.12.21On Stage is a live album by legendary American singer Elvis Presley. Recorded in Las Vegas in 1969-1970, the album was a follow-up to From Memphis to Vegas/From Vegas to Memphis. The album features the worldwide number one single “The Wonder of You”, written by Baker Knight and originally recorded by Vince Edwards.180 gram audiophile vinylPrinted innersleeveIncludes a poster of ElvisRecorded live in Las Vegas 1969-1970Featuring “See See Rider”, “Yesterday”, “Polk Salad Annie”, “Proud Mary”& the worldwide #1 single “The Wonder Of You”Limited edition of 2500 individually numbered copies on transparent red vinyl

‘The Soundboard Series Vol. 2’ Import VINYL/CD: The Petticoat label presents ‘The Soundboard Series Vol. 2’ LP + CD.
Petticoat Records mainly released studio highlights on high quality vinyl, now they present a fantastic collection of live performances.
This second volume features some of the best live performances in Elvis’ career.
Many of these tracks were only performed live very few times and are making their vinyl debut!
A must have and a great spinner for sure!
Available in Gold or Clear vinyl.
Features live versions of Moody Blue (Feb 21, 1977), Just Pretend (Dec 13, 1975 MS), Reconsider Baby (Feb 21, 1977), Danny Boy (June 1, 1976), Spanish Eyes(May 23, 1974 MS) etc.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)


Memphis Mansion presents – Welcome Home Elvis! – The Acetates

The Frank Sinatra Timex Special with Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis, jr., Joey Bishop, Nancy Sinatra, Peter Lawford

Recorded 26th of March, 1960. Shown on television for the first time on the 12th of may, 1960.

The Danish Singles Collection: Vol.3′: Yet another upcoming VINYL release from the Memphis Mansion label.
‘The Danish Singles Collection Volume.3’ – Preorder now for €33.75
All tracks newly remastered

Featuring,  A Mess Of Blues, Girl Of My Best friend, It´s Now Or Never, Make Me Know It, Are You Lonesome Tonight, I Gotta Know,  Wooden Heart,  Tonight All Right For Love,  I Feel So Bad, Wild in Country, Little Sister, His Latest Flame, Rock A Hula Baby, I Can´t Help Falling In Love

Click here to Memphis Mansion shop

‘Elvis Rocks The Garden’ New Import: From the Straight Arrow label.. in 2012 we released the great June 9th Madison Square Garden NYC concert (CD “Left a Good Job in The City”. This, now classic, is totally sold out for many years. Now we have restored this recording again from scratch. In 2020 we obtained two quality tapes of other NYC concerts from June 10th Evening and June 11th, Afternoon.
Now all three shows are released in one deluxe 3CD set.
We are fully aware that the June 10th Evening show was released several times officially by RCA from the professional multi-track tapes. Nevertheless, we have found an alternative source – an excellent audience-recorded tape! It brings you a whole new listening experience! The incredible audience reaction to every song will blow you away! The June 11th Afternoon show was released in 2010 from an inferior source. Once again, we have found an excellent audience-provided alternative. 
Both the June 10th E/S and 11th A/S were recorded by the same person, using a reel-to-reel tape deck instead of usual the cassette recorder. 
Presented in the usual top notch digipack


MGM’s Golden Globe winning movie ELVIS ON TOUR was released in 1972.

On the movie poster was mentioned:
“MGM presents a very different motion picture that captures all the excitement of ELVIS LIVE!”

This catch phrase says it all. Unfortunately, there never was a soundtrack album available for this movie.

Now available is this deluxe 45RPM boxset containing 6 beautiful 45’s & a bonus cd containing some of the musical highlights from this movie.

Available in RED of BLUE vinyl

Single 1:
Johnny B. Goode – March 30, 1972
Polk Salad Annie – April 9, 1972

Single 2:
Separate Ways  – March 30, 1972
Proud Mary – April 18, 1972

Single 3:
Burning Love – April 18, 1972
Never Been To Spain – April 18, 1972

Single 4:
Bridge Over Troubled Water – April 14, 1972
Funny How wTime Slips Away – April 14, 1972

Single 5:
An American Trilogy – April 14, 1972
You Gave Me A Mountain – April 9, 1972

Single 6:
Suspicious Minds – April 18, 1972
Lead Me, Guide Me – Bosom Of Abraham – March 31, 1972


Johnny B. Goode – March 30, 1972
Polk Salad Annie – April 9, 1972
Separate Ways  – March 30, 1972
Proud Mary – April 18, 1972
Burning Love – April 18, 1972
Never Been To Spain – April 18, 1972
Bridge Over Troubled Water – April 14, 1972
Funny How Time Slips Away – April 14, 1972
An American Trilogy – April 14, 1972
You Gave Me A Mountain – April 9, 1972
Suspicious Minds – April 18, 1972
Lead Me, Guide Me – Bosom Of Abraham – March 31, 1972

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