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On this week’s show Joe and Grant were discussing the auction of Elvis’s iconic red guitar as used in the 1968 TV Special. The above is a link to the items up for auction and what they sold for. Let us know if you would like to have bid on any and make a song request using the request zone on the main page. Look forward to hearing from you!

Elvis Presley .RCA drawing box.This little item is very cool. I can just see it in a music store. Next to it a bunch of Elvis records for prizes. How cool it would be to still have drawings like that.Do you have one or something like it?Let us know so we can talk about it on the show!elvisexpressradio.net

Aloha From Hawaii RCA (Q) VPSX -6089 DATE – 2 / 73-

Steam Roller Sticker – $ 90 dollars

I don’t believe this sticker is real. But the books say $2000 dollars

Saturin on back –

One of our NEXT discussions will be on collecting mylar posters.

They had to be replaced everyday because fans would take them off the walls for they’re collections. They came in green and red. You will find on the lower left hand corner it reads ROAD SHOW MERCHANDISE

They were not sold at the souvenir stands.

Elvis Presley Original RCA Las Vegas Hilton Mylar Banner 

Released 1974 . Measures 4 Ft x 14 Ft . This is in Excellent shape . Has a few drop out spoyts around the Silver border . Tough to find this nice . Terrific large display piece . Used by the Colonel During the Engagements of 1974 . Only 40 of these were Originally made this large size . As told by the Person (Manufacturer) of these Mylar pieces . The company (Flashback Inc. Fountain Valley . This banner is for sale on eBay .

Elvis Presley Elvis Presley

On this week’s show Grant discussed the sale of Elvis’s Honeymoon Home. Here’s a link for more info and some photos when Grant visited the home in 2014.

On a recent show Joe and Grant discussed the wonderful ads used in publications like Variety and Billboard. Check out the show for more on these items. Here are some samples from Joe’s collection along with some sent in by listener Gaston. Thanks for sharing Gaston!

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